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About us

3 Weld company is a long-term and reliable partner in welding, repairs, renovations and abrasion protection in various industries.
We specialize in choosing reliable solutions by manufacturing, refurbishing or repairing of machine parts on equipment, used in various fields of industry such as shovels, frames, shafts, screw conveyor, gear wheels, holders, concrete mixers, crushers and storage.

10 Years in business

The 3 Weld Expert Team has been in business for 10 years and has collected and applied extensive experience. As a matter of course we always use latest technologies and state-of-the-art trends in the field, as well as the advanced process approach in project realizations.

Hundreds of successful projects

3 Weld has completed numerous of successful repair projects, renovations, production of heavy machine parts for industrial equipment. As result, clients get extended service life and significant reduction of equipment’s operational costs compared to acquisition of a new one.

International expansion

Our activity has grown into neighboring countries in recent years. Primarily our renovation services have been established in Slovakia, Poland and other countries are coming.

Advising and diagnostics

Based on diagnostics, we can help you find the right solutions for maintenance, repairs, joining, cutting and manufacturing. We can advise regarding welding, soldering, material separation and powder metallurgy and coating.

Welding of various materials

We provide special welding of various materials such as welding of cast iron, combination of different types of steel, welding of steel castings, aluminum-based materials, strength welding, carbide welding, application welding materials.

Repairs and renovations

We offer repairs and refurbishment of buckets and shovels from excavators and wheel loaders, shafts and pins, housings, booms, blades and sharpening of agricultural machines. Depending on size and character of the damage, the work can either be done at the machines location / plant or in one of our workshops. We can optionally execute quick emergency repair. All repairs and renovations includes diagnostics of damage, fatigue check and engineering. We perform MMA, MIG / MAG, TIG, PTA welding, soldering and plasma cutting, and we use high quality materials Castolin, Lincoln Esab and other manufacturers. To extend life of machine parts, we offer preventive treatment against abrasion - coating of materials and welding repairs.

Custom production

We can manage production of individual machine parts in agriculture, mining, automotive, wood industry according to specific requirements. We are specialists in the production of highly-stressed mechanical parts of crushers, screeners, production lines, presses, abrasion-resistant parts of agricultural machines, blades and excavator and loader bucket teeth, and compactors teeth, conveyor screws, lining and blades for concrete mixers.


Welding equipment and accessories, soldering materials, materials for heat resistant airbrush paints, abrasion resistant parts, accessories, welding equipment, equipment for heat resistant airbrush painting and welding, plasma machines and equipment, auxiliary materials. Strength materials, carbide, semi-finished products for treatment, aluminum and aluminum alloys, plates and foils of CDP. Nanotechnology in welding. We can advise to choose an appropriate equipment and materials for specific application and ensure installation!





3 Weld s.r.o.

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tel.: +420 777 881 885

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3 Weld s.r.o.

U Kyjovky 3931/7

695 01 Hodonín

Libor Strýček

tel: +420 777 881 884

e-mail: strycek@3-weld.cz

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